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Lala khal - Amazing tourist spot in Sylhet Latest photos


Lala khal one of wonderful sight scene in Sylhet. Mostly lala khal place is awesome place for river cruise. With family and friends Lala khal is a amazing place to enjoy your holidays. Lala khal is a wide canal nearby tamabil road. The amazing view in this canal is water color, you'll find different color of water while you moving around by boat. Sometimes it's green sometime blue, sometime clear and deep. By boat it is near about 2:30 hours journey. You may choose Sari ghat to start your boat journey to enjoy the blue water canal named lala khal. Easly you may go shari ghat from sylhet uposhohor by any local bus. Around 10-12 person easily ride on wooden boat. Nearly 600-700 taka you have to pay for round trip. You;ll enjoy mountain while you are moving on the boat. Rainy season is the best time to visit at Lalakhal.
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