Friday, January 23, 2015

21 February Unique Facebook Covers 2015

Mother language day of Bangladesh is 21 February. Not only Bangladesh every year over the world where live Bangladeshi people celebrates International mother language Day of Bangladesh. On 1952 dated 21 February Language fighter Rafiq, Salam, Borkot unnamed many people sacrifice their lives to establish Bangla language as bangali’s mother tongue. We should ensure our sovereignty as our own identity. Let see 21 February Unique Facebook Covers 2015. Let see also  Bangladesh mother language Day 2015 beautiful facebook Covers, mother language day in Bangladesh 2015 new facebook timeline, mother language day 2015 fb cover photo download, International mother language Day Celebration FB theme, 21 February 2015 latest FB cover photo, 21 February Bangla letters fb covers 2015.

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